NIH toolbox update

Hi, I was told the update that allows for rescoring norms when new demographic information is added (retroactively) would be ready at the end May, do you know when it will be released? Thank you!

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Subscription duration

Can the subscription be delayed after purchase?

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NIH interpretation of NIH Education, NIH mother's education, NIH ethnicity, NIH race, NIH Ethnicity

My Name is Leah and I am working with the NIH toolbox. I was looking at your manual and wanted to know the interpretation of the scores of NIH Education, NIH mother's education, NIH ethnicity, NIH race, NI...

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Can multiple users access the tool box for one fee? If so, are the number of users (licenses) limited?

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Data Export to Web (Box)

Does NIH Toolbox support exporting data to Box? If so, what URL should be used? I've attempted several configurations, and I keep receiving a connection failed prompt.

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re: release of the fall/winter update of nih toolbox

I am currently thinking about buying an iPad pro 10.5 inch tablet. The only thing holding me back is its compatibility with the app. When is the estimated release of the latest version of the app which will a...

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Custom batteries on multiple iPads

Is it possible to use the same custom battery on multiple iPads, without having to recreate it on each one?

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iOS 11 Compatibility?

Hello. Does anyone know if the NIH Toolbox is compatible with the new iOS 11 update? Has anyone updated and then encountered any bugs or crashes? Thank you.

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re-scoring programs for Spanish speakers

The posted re-scoring program seems for English speakers. Will there be a re-scoring program for cognition battery for Spanish speakers? Thanks

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Oral Reading Forms

Do normalized reading scores take into account which reading form a participant receives. For example, is a score of 140 on form 2 the same as a score of 140 on form 3?

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