NIH Toolbox & iOS 12

Is the current version of NIH Toolbox compatible with iOS 12?

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Can you edit the name field after administration

Does anyone know how the name field can be edited after an administration has been completed? When you click the edit button, it appears all the Participant Information fields can be directly edited except the ...

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Can you print out the aquiried study NIH toolbox from the iPad? as opposed to exporting the data or setting up a machine with iTunes?

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android / windows app

I'm confused as to why there is not work being done to have a android and/or windows version of this app? Although previously it was cumbersome to convert apps between OSs, there are devoted developer comm...

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Distributing app via VPP

I am a Systems Administrator at the Laureate Institute for Brain Research in Tulsa, OK. I am in charge of managing all iOS devices at our organization. In an effort to better manage our iOS devices, I'd ...

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Can I use a keyboard with the cognitive battery? I am concerned about measuring reaction time accurately and would like to use a keyboard.

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NIH toolbox update

Hi, I was told the update that allows for rescoring norms when new demographic information is added (retroactively) would be ready at the end May, do you know when it will be released? Thank you!

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Subscription duration

Can the subscription be delayed after purchase?

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NIH interpretation of NIH Education, NIH mother's education, NIH ethnicity, NIH race, NIH Ethnicity

My Name is Leah and I am working with the NIH toolbox. I was looking at your manual and wanted to know the interpretation of the scores of NIH Education, NIH mother's education, NIH ethnicity, NIH race, NI...

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Can multiple users access the tool box for one fee? If so, are the number of users (licenses) limited?

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