PROMIS iPad App Release Notes

PROMIS iPad App Version 1.19 Release Notes

Release number 1.19 of PROMIS App Build Number 1.19.2210 Release highlights: Additional NIH Toolbox instruments (experimental) Updated PROMIS instruments: PROMIS CAT v2.0 - Upper Extremity PROMIS CAT v2.0 - M...

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PROMIS iPad App Version 1.18 Release Notes

Release number 1.18 of PROMIS App Build number 1.18.2100 Release highlights: Delete feature - participants and assessments Additional PROMIS instruments PROMIS SF v1.1 - Global Health - retired Demographic Re...

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PROMIS iPad App Version 1.13 Release Notes

PROMIS app (1.13.1416) New measurement systems. New instrument filters. Surveys Scoring Adjustment after Validation Study Calculation of age based on assessment date Resolved crash during rescoring ...

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