PROMIS iPad App Version 1.21 Release Notes

Release number 1.21 of PROMIS App

Build Number 1.21.2760

Release highlights:

Additional PROMIS instruments
PROMIS Ped CAT v1.0 - Sleep Disturbance

PROMIS Ped CAT v1.0 - Sleep-Related Impairment

PROMIS Ped CAT v2.0 - Pain Quality

PROMIS Ped CAT v1.0 - Cognitive Function

PROMIS Parent Proxy CAT v1.1 - Cognitive Function

Notes in instrument administration


Enhanced Search

Custom Battery feature

‘What’s New’ tour

HIPAA - Encrypt data when sent via email + Disclaimer

FAQ: updates + Search feature

iPadOS 13 support

Bug fixes and stability improvements

Minimum iOS version supported: 12.0


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