PROMIS iPad App Version 1.13 Release Notes

PROMIS app (1.13.1416) 
  • New measurement systems.  New instrument filters.  Surveys
  • Scoring Adjustment after Validation Study
  • Calculation of age based on assessment date
  • Resolved crash during rescoring resulting from missing response times on devices configured to use non-us number formats.  Added validation on first launch that identified instrument data with timing anomalies.  Also added age recalculation since participant age was formerly being calculated at the time of export rather than at the time the instrument was started.
  • Resolved crash during validation and rescore due to excessive memory use
  • Recovered missing ages for all participants and recovered  missing age-related scores by invoking rescore for rescorable instruments only.  Log events to Flurry when a non-rescorable instrument is found that is missing age-related scores. Database backup option added to Data Security Settings screen and to the FAQ.   Scores Export adjustments
  • 10.5” iPad screen size compatibility
  • ‘Not verified device’ banner added (for iPad Mini and iPad 12.9”)
  • iOS 11 support
  • Subscription workflow got more info for users presented in the popups
  • Added ECog instruments

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