PROMIS iPad App Version 1.18 Release Notes

Release number 1.18 of PROMIS App
Build number 1.18.2100
Release highlights:

Delete feature - participants and assessments
Additional PROMIS instruments
PROMIS SF v1.1 - Global Health - retired
Demographic Rescoring
Emotion Summary Scores implementation
Participant info screens changes
Updated chart parameters for T-score (Emotion)
Longitudinal Reports fixes to get more graphs
ECOG v1.1
Participant & Battery Audit logs
New measurement system (Other)
Additional NIH Toolbox Instruments
Display global variables in exports: include release number, device model, IOS version
National Percentile added
Winsorizing Cognition Norms (rounding to the verified range)
Oral Reading Recognition v2.1 - new parameters
Picture Vocabulary v2.1 - additional items in the bank
Updated FAQ and Getting Started
Bug fixes and stability improvements
Minimum iOS requirement: 11.4

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