PHI and Security

The NIH Toolbox App is a secure platform for collecting participants’ data. The App implements Apple’s IOS data at rest encryption (use of SQl Lite, 256 bit encryption managed by IOS) and does not store data outside the device or communicate with other apps on the device or with systems outside the device while administering tests. The App does not allow access to data on unlocked devices.

Personal data in the NIH Toolbox App is limited to what the examiner chooses to enter in the Participants section. Test results can be visualized and distributed in several manners. There is a score report which is produced at the end of each assessment. Or, the examiner can use our export functions which have three separate files (1) participant registration data, (2) total scores/normed scores, and (3) detailed item level responses.

Export to a web server and transmission to iCloud use secure transmission channels. Export through e-mail will use the e-mail client setup on the device, once data leaves the app the level of security is dependent on the e-mail system being used and how it is configured.

Export to iTunes is as secure as the procedures of access and encryption on the computer connected to the iPad.

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