NIH Toolbox Version 1.16 Release Notes

Release number 1.16 of NIH Toolbox App
Build number 1.16.1500
Release highlights:
Participant Age field as an alternative to DOB
Improved longitudinal report – included Composite Scores, added missing graphs and fixed settings & format issues
Improvements for translated Apps
Scores Export change:  Comments on Skipped instruments in Scores Export
Scores Export change: Implemented National Percentile to scores export for instruments generating Age-Corrected Normative scores
Scores Export change: Added missing Emotion Adult Summary scores
New FAQ section – Recommended Device Settings
Build number 1.16.1520
Release highlights:
Hot fix for the error popup if user attempts to use iCloud Drive for Data Export

Build number 1.16.1540

Release highlights:
Hot fix for the bug related to the app crashing when loading Emotion Instructions for Parent Report 

Build number 1.16.1550
Release highlights:
Hot fix for the background process causing app to crash right after app session termination when app is exited using device Home button. It happens while user is not completely done with an assessment or subscription purchase transaction.


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