Audit Log Information and Interpretation

An audit log will automatically be created to identify all the records that have been changed and where those changes occurred.  The audit log can be accessed at the top of the Scoring Adjustment Information screen in the app and can be exported via email, iCloud or iTunes.  The audit log is not designed to be used in analysis, but as a record of the changes that were made during rescoring.  When reviewing the audit log please note that you will see BOTH the old data and the new rescored data.  The records will be paired together with the new (v2.1) above the old (v2.0).  The only exception being the rescored composite scores, where you will only find the new records (v1.1) in the audit log.  

Audit log will contain the following fields:
PIN – Participant Identifier
Assessment Name – Name of the assessment that participant completed
Inst – Name of the instrument within an assessment that has been impacted by rescoring
Date Finished – date the assessment was originally completed
Age – the age of the participant at the time the assessment was administrated
Rawscore – Instrument specific score often just a sum of correct answers
Theta – IRT associated score
SE – standard error
Computed Score – varies by instrument and has been updated by the rescoring
Uncorrected Standard Score – normalized score that could be changed by rescoring
Age-Corrected Standard Score – normalized score that could be changed by rescoring
Fully-Corrected T-Score – normalized score that could be changed by rescoring
Rescore Date – Date the rescore process was completed
Record Type – in the audit log all records will show a type of ‘1’


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