Is there are way to obtain separate accuracy and reaction time scores (aside from examining the raw data)?

Both Flanker and DCCS use a 2-vector scoring method that takes accuracy and reaction time (if accuracy  >=80%) into account, resulting in a computed score that can range in value from 0-10. The NIH Toolbox software only outputs this final computed score. Users interested in analyzing the 2 separate vectors may calculate them using the following instructions.

Accuracy: Instructions to calculate the accuracy score for Flanker and DCCS are provided in  the scoring and interpretation guide. Use the “Raw Score” reported for the test, plus the appropriate “free points” for participants age 8 and older to determine the Number of Correct Responses. Specifically,
If < 8 years old, Flanker Accuracy Score = 0.125 * Raw Score
If 8 years or older, Flanker Accuracy Score = 0.125 * (Raw Score + 20)
If < 8 years old, DCCS Accuracy Score = 0.125 * Raw Score
If 8 years or older, DCCS Accuracy Score = 0.125 * (Raw Score + 10)

Reaction Time: The item-level data export provides response times for every item. However, it is much easier for users to calculate the reaction time score by simply subtracting the Accuracy Score of the previous step from the Computed Score provided by the Toolbox system. 


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