What are the general guidelines in using NIH Toolbox Emotion measures on a different platform?

The NIH Toolbox Emotion measures are available for “single use”.  Such uses include use of paper-and-pencil forms and inclusion of items in proprietary software systems, which are intended for use exclusively in the individual User’s research, clinical, educational, or other application. Therefore, it is fine to use another software system for data collection for your own research.  However, to distribute this to others outside of the research project is not permitted.
To incorporate it into another software system that will then distribute the measures to others is also not permitted.
If you would like to use the Computerized Adaptive Test (CAT) version, you can only use it through  Assessment Center or by purchasing the NIH Toolbox app. 
One thing for the group to be aware of is that right now, it is not easy to score NIH TB measures outside of Assessment Center (AC) or the app.  However, we will make user manuals with look up tables eventually available and plan to also eventually have all NIH TB Emotion measures scored through the AC Scoring Service.  But that’s not currently available and we are not sure when it will be.
Please also refer to the NIH Toolbox Terms and Conditions http://www.healthmeasures.net/images/nihtoolbox/NIH_Toolbox_Terms_and_Conditions.pdf
More information on the guidelines will posted in HealthMeasures website as soon as it is available.

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