NIH Toolbox Version 1.7 Release Notes

  • Expanded list of PROMIS instruments including Pediatric measures and Parent Report
  • New measurement systems!
    • Neuro-QoL, SCI-QOL, SCI-FI and TBI-QOL
  • NIH Toolbox Emotion Supplemental Measures
  • Two new NIH Toolbox Cognition Measures
    • Oral Symbol Digit for ages 8+
    • Auditory Verbal Learning (REY) for ages 8+
  • New dynamic filtering to make selecting your instrument easier
  • Score reporting changes.
    • All normative scores are rounded to nearest whole number
    • Theta values are rounded to three decimal places
    • Standard Error is now rounded to one decimal place
    • Emotion instruments will no longer report an age-gender normative score
  • Bug Fixes
  • General House Keeping

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