NIH Toolbox Scoring and Interpretation Guide

The NIH Toolbox® Scoring and Interpretation Guide for the iPad is designed to be a resource to NIH Toolbox users.  It provides basic information about how each of the measures that comprise the NIH Toolbox is scored, as well as the potential uses and meaning of the available scores. It is not intended to be a highly technical document statistically, though some technical details are included as necessary to aid understanding. The goal of this guide is to provide information on how each measure is scored – even though this scoring is done automatically by the available NIH Toolbox software – so that users will have an essential understanding of the numbers they see on a score output report or in a data file and how they were created.


Toolbox_Scoring_and_Interpretation_Guide_for_iPad_v1.7.pdf Toolbox_Scoring_and_Interpretation_Guide_for_iPad_v1.7.pdf

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