How to renew/re-subscribe a canceled or refunded subscription:

1.) On the Manage Subscriptions page (see, tapping the price under the ‘renewal options’ area will prompt you to confirm your intent to renew the subscription.
2.) After renewing the subscription on Apple's Manage Subscriptions screen, launch the app and choose Restore when prompted for a subscription, to restore a prior purchased subscription.
Once you have successfully renewed your subscription using Apple’s subscription management screen *outside* of NIH toolbox, and that screen reports that you have an Active subscription rather than a Canceled subscription, then you can launch NIH Toolbox.  NIH Toolbox may automatically detect your subscription 10 seconds after launch, or you might have to tap the Restore button when prompted.  But again, this is only *after* you have put your subscription back into an Active state.
 If you are unsuccessful at getting the subscription management screen in ‘Manage Subscriptions’ page of your device, you may also need to contact Apple and ask them to help you with "renewing a canceled auto-renewing subscription."  This is a renewal issue, not a subscription or purchase issue.  Purchases occur inside the app (NIH Toolbox in this case) while renewals take place outside of the app, per Apple’s support article
Another option is using a different Apple ID to purchase a new subscription, which may be more expedient than working to resolve the persistent Canceled state of your subscription with the Apple ID you’ve been using.  This would be the last option. We are not necessarily suggesting this option. Also, if you choose to use a different Apple ID, it will be important to first delete the NIH Toolbox app from the iPad, followed by logging into the App Store on that iPad using the new Apple ID, then re-downloading NIH Toolbox and finally purchasing the subscription within the app.  This is because even free apps with in-app purchasable subscriptions are connected to the Apple ID used to first download them, and the Apple ID used to download a free app must be the same Apple ID used to purchase a subscription within that app.
To remove your Apple ID from all of your iOS devices, please follow these steps for each Apple iOS device (iPad) using your Apple ID:
Tap Settings.
Open iCloud.
Tap on your account name at the top.
Enter your password.
Tap Devices
Tap on each Device and choose Remove From Account.
If you have Family Sharing set up, tap Family and tap Remove in each member of your family.
Tap Sign out and Delete from my iPhone
Tap Settings > iTunes & App Store.
Tap Apple ID and Sign Out.
Tap Settings > Music.
Scroll to the bottom and tap the Apple ID under Home Sharing. Tap Sign Out.
Tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
Tap your iCloud account under Accounts and Sign Out.
Tap Settings > Messages > Send & Recieve. Tap the Apple ID and Sign Out.
Return to the Settings and tap Game Center. Tap Apple ID and Sign Out.
Tap Settings > Facetime. Tap Apple ID and Sign Out.


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