Calculating scores

The NIH Toolbox iPad app automatically generates normalized scaled scores for Cognition instruments, given that all relevant demographic information was entered for a participant. 
In the case where this information cannot be entered, for any number of reasons, normalized scaled scores can be calculated by the user at a later time. 
For all necessary information to calculate normalized scaled scores, see the attached appendices, or reference the attached published paper for more context and explanation.



Casaletto_et_al_2015_JINS.pdf Casaletto_et_al_2015_JINS.pdf
NIHTBCB_Span_appendices_11172016_update_marked.docx NIHTBCB_Span_appendices_11172016_update_marked.docx
NIHTBCB_Eng_appendices_11172016_update_marked.docx NIHTBCB_Eng_appendices_11172016_update_marked.docx

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