NIH Toolbox Administrator's Manual and eLearning Course

Users will find that the NIH Toolbox is a user-friendly and effective resource for assessing functioning over time. The NIH Toolbox Administrator’s Manual and the NIH Toolbox eLearning Course are designed to be used together when learning how to use the NIH Toolbox app. After reviewing sections A and B of the Manual, an administrator should go through the eLearning course for the NIH Toolbox app. Once an administrator has studied the eLearning course and completed practice sessions, each instrument is easy to administer. Once training is complete, this manual should be used for review as needed. When used electronically, this manual includes hyperlinks that, when clicked on or touched, take the user directly to the referenced section. 

See below to download the NIH Toolbox Administrator's Manual.
Access the NIH Toolbox eLearning Course here.

*Note: Terms and Conditions can be found in Appendix 1 of the NIH Toolbox iPad App Administrator's Manual


NIH_Toolbox_App_Administrator's_Manual_v1.17.pdf NIH_Toolbox_App_Administrator's_Manual_v1.17.pdf

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