Data Exports

The Export Data button allows the user to export data collected on a given iPad. At any point when export is selected, it will contain all the data cumulatively collected on that iPad.
There are four options to transfer data files from the iPad to another device (i.e., computer connected to a backup server):
iCloud drive, and
File sharing via iTunes (hard-wired).
Configurable web location

Only file sharing via iTunes is activated by default. To activate the ability to email files and upload them to iCloud or a webservice, please update Data Security in the NIH Toolbox app Settings. Data security settings can be updated at any time: before or after data files were generated.

For users with multiple iPads:
  • Data files include information that can be used to identify the device on which every data point was collected (the “Device ID” field).
  • Devices can share one iCloud account. This enables a user to access all data files, from all devices, in one central location.
  • Data files are stored in .csv format, to ensure simple import into most common statistical software programs. 
See attached exports format templates below.  


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