Home Base

The two executive function tasks that utilize home base for the iPad are attempting to find a standard place near the touch screen for everyone, because each trial measures reaction time for ages 8+, and this comprises half of the score.

For Flanker, reaction time is only used in scoring "arrow" items, not fish items. Thus, for fish items, reaction time is not a key factor. As such, we also removed home base for this age for fish items, because where the child places his/her finger is not as critical. In addition, our data indicate that they often do not place their fingers on the home base regardless of instruction, so it is not useful for young children. However, if a 3-7-year-old performs well enough to be administered the Flanker "arrow" items (standard fare for ages 8+), reaction time does count in the score, and the software introduces the concept of home base at that point, before any live arrow items.
DCCS is set up similarly, where for ages 3-7, reaction time is only used for the "mixed" trials, and home base is introduced before these items, if the child reaches them.

See below to download Home Base for use, or visit the Administration and Training article for more information.


NIH_Toolbox_Home_Base.pdf NIH_Toolbox_Home_Base.pdf

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